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1 USD = 6.8068 DKK Last updated February 22, 2024 at 3:26:43 AM GMT+0

We use midmarket rates

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Easily Convert Local Or International Currencies to the Danish Krone and Vice Versa

At Verto, our mission is to make things as seamless and affordable for both big and small businesses as much as possible. As a cutting-edge and award-winning payments and exchange rate platform, Verto offers businesses more than 20 banking IBANs and 6 payment methodologies to conduct trade in the DKK throughout different parts of the world. Our exchange rates are 9x more cheaper than the norm!

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DKK To USD0.1436
DKK To EUR0.1326
DKK To GBP0.1136
DKK To JPY21.5881
DKK To AUD0.2191
DKK To CAD0.1936
DKK To CNY1.0327

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Verto Offers More than 50 Currencies

With our Verto, businesses have the opportunity to open multi-currency accounts. This means you can start trade with more than one currency using a single account along with the best DKK exchange rates around. We enable startups and large enterprises to reach their global customer base without limiting themselves when it comes to currency management and processing. We’re an all-in-one platform with no strings attached!

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Kenyan Shilling
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Nigerian Naira
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Ethiopian Birr
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Tunisian Dinar
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Central African CFA Franc
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Ugandan Shilling
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Moroccan Dirham
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Tanzanian Shilling
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West African CFA Franc
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South African Rand
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Egyptian Pound
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Ghanaian Cedi

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