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At Verto, we provide clients and businesses with reliable and affordable AED rates. We strive to help them streamline their cross border client and supplier payments. With us, you can enjoy trading in AED with FX rates that are up to 9x cheaper.


1 USD = 3.6308 AED Last updated February 22, 2024 at 4:36:29 AM GMT+0

We use midmarket rates

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Reliable and Affordable AED Conversions with Verto

As an award-winning currency exchange and payments platform, Verto offers a secure web interface and app that you can use to monitor, control, and plan all your AED payments in more than 200 countries! We’ve designed an intuitive, user-friendly, and highly secure platform where you can consolidate all your multi-currency payments in one account and make business payments from anywhere in the world. Verto helps clients forge better and more long-lasting business relationships, giving the opportunity to lower their daily operational expenses. 

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AED To USD0.2691
AED To EUR0.2485
AED To GBP0.2129
AED To JPY40.4536
AED To AUD0.4105
AED To CAD0.3629
AED To CNY1.9360

Trade with Confidence In and Beyond the United Arab Emirates with Verto.

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At Verto, we have strategic business alliances with some of the best and most popular financial institutions in the world. Plus, we also partner with top banking establishments. This gives us an edge in terms of market accessibility, faster transfers, and providing affordable FX rates. This is also one of the primary reasons why we can offer companies more than 50 local and international currencies to trade with. 

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