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1 USD = 55.0604 ETB Last updated February 22, 2024 at 3:50:56 AM GMT+0

We use midmarket rates

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Easy Conversion of Currencies to the Ethiopian Birr and Vice Versa

Verto simplifies currency exchange for companies and startups by providing advanced tools and capabilities for managing international payments to and from over 200 countries. Our platform allows real-time conversion between ETB and other currencies, making it easy for businesses to pay vendors, suppliers, and clients regardless of location. Verto establishes lasting partnerships with organisations by streamlining their payment processes. 

Ethiopian Birr Exchange Rate Today

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Currency Pair


ETB To USD0.0172
ETB To EUR0.0159
ETB To GBP0.0136
ETB To JPY2.5892
ETB To AUD0.0263
ETB To CAD0.0232
ETB To CNY0.1238

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Verto creates partnerships with the most reputable and accredited financial institutions. Our partner banks worldwide offer businesses access to more than 50 currencies for trade. Our multi-currency account allows you to send and receive money in any chosen currency at highly competitive foreign exchange rates. 

Currency Kenyan Shilling Icon
Kenyan Shilling
Currency Nigerian Naira Icon
Nigerian Naira
Currency Ethiopian Birr Flag
Ethiopian Birr
Currency Tunisian Dinar Flag
Tunisian Dinar
Currency Central African CFA Franc Icon
Central African CFA Franc
Currency Ugandan Shilling Icon
Ugandan Shilling
Currency Moroccan Dirham Icon
Moroccan Dirham
Currency Tanzanian Shilling Icon
Tanzanian Shilling
Currency West African CFA Franc Icon
West African CFA Franc
Currency South African Rand Icon
South African Rand
Currency Egyptian Pound Icon
Egyptian Pound
Currency Ghanaian Cedi Icon
Ghanaian Cedi